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At Trader Joe’s, we’re firm believers in the idea that making a scrumptious, satisfying meal shouldn’t be an astronomically expensive endeavor—nor should it feel like rocket science. In fact, we’ve found that some of the best recipes out there are also the simplest, requiring only a handful of ingredients and minimal prep work.

In the spirit of effortless, affordable eating, we’ve dedicated this space to some of our favorite dishes that can be completed in just three small steps, for about $10. Talk about a giant leap for mealtime! It’s never been easier to launch your cooking to an exciting new frontier. And all for a decidedly down-to-Earth price, too.

Next up in our series of “Trader Joe’s Recipes to Save Money & Time” is a hearty, garlicky Bean & Kale Vegan Pasta, starring Trader Joe’s Giant Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce!

Get the recipe:

0:03 | How to Make Bean & Kale Vegan Pasta
0:05 | Chop garlic & remove stems from kale
0:15 | Rinse & season TJ’s Mini Pearl Grape Tomatoes
0:20 | Toss tomatoes in EVOO, place on sheet & bake
0:24 | Boil the water for your penne pasta
0:29 | Add garlic & kale to a pan w/ EVOO and cover
0:36 | Add pasta to boiling water and cook
0:39 | Remove tomatoes from oven; add to veggie pan
0:40 | Add TJ’s Giant Baked Beans and stir
0:46 | Add cooked pasta and stir to combine
0:49 | Serve immediately & enjoy!

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