3 Simple & Delicious VEGAN Meals for Beginners!


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Hi Everybody! Here’s my quick and easy way to make Vegan General Tso Tofu, Instant Mac and Cheese, and Mushroom Fajitas! Perfect for a weeknight or a lazy day meal!

For the recipe please visit:

Taco Seasoning:

Tofu Cheesesteak:

Carne Asada Soy Curls:

Lactic Acid:
Mushroom Seasoning:
Cast Iron Skillet:

Intro 0:00
Mushroom Fajitas 0:28
Instant Mac & Cheese 3:26
General Tso Tofu 5:53

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  1. The instant mac is a freaking awesome idea, thanks dude!

    I never seasoned my tofu powder, I've been resorting to having a "marinade" that I cook the tofu in until it dries up and the tofu's absorbed it all, then frying it. I'll try your method and hopefully that saves me the long step, I just can't stand the inside being flavorless. You definitely nailed it with the cube size too!

  2. FANTASTIC VIDEO!!!! Especially the mac & cheese!!! 😋😍👍
    Things I'd like to see:
    Fried (not scrambled) breakfast tofu.
    Vegan potato salad, vegan coleslaw, vegan chickpea salad.
    Easy Chinese potstickers.
    Loaded nachos.
    Old-fashioned casseroles baked in oven (like cheesy tuna noodle or cheesy chicken noodle casserole, or cheesy broccoli cauliflower casserole,, cheeseburger casserole, etc.)
    Loaded potato skins (80's appetizer).
    Chewy chocolaty walnut brownies.
    Easy refried beans enchiladas or casserole.
    Easy refried beans wet burrito.