3 Secrets for Making a Delicious Chicken Salad Recipe | Make 2 Top-rated Allrecipes Chicken Salads


Once you’ve nailed the basics of chicken salad, there are endless ways to customize the classic dish to your liking and Nicole is here to tell you her 3 secrets for making a delicious chicken salad recipe and how to make 2 of the top-rated chicken salads recipes on allrecipes.com.

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00:00 introduction
00:20 What type of chicken to use
00:57 Shredding the chicken
01:28 Chicken salad dressing
03:15 Add-ins
03:57 Mix it all together
04:29 Fruity Curry Chicken Salad
06:06 How to Serve Chicken Salad

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3 Secrets for Making The BEST Chicken Salad | How to Make 2 Top-rated Allrecipes Chicken Salads





  1. I would love to try these recipes but I cant stomach processed mayo, it makes me sick. Maybe you could do a homemade mayo like I make at home. I use fresh duck eggs and olive oil, it tastes great and doesnt bother my stomach. I would bet there are lots of others who like these types of mayo based dishes but cant handle the store bought mayo either.