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Three Bean Salad:

Sunshine Glow Salad:

Taco Quinoa Salad:

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  1. I did go to your new web site for the first time today and it was amazing!!! Your recipes are so great…doing a couple of the meal preps today…thank you for everything!!! May I say, I DO NOT buy cookbook, mostly because I get so many recipes online for free. I did go to Amazon today and pre order your cookbook….partly for the recipes…that I know are very cool…but also just to be supportive of you!!! Congrats on baby girl, she is truly beautiful!

  2. Mmm. I love all these recipes! I love salads especially a nice big protein and good fats dinner salad. That chicken sunshine salad looks so yummy and I’d totally try that one first. I can’t eat the pomogranites though so I would leave those out. I think topping it with fresh raspberries would be good or even blueberries would be good too. I also love avocados so much so I get excited any time avocado is on top of a salad.

  3. I really want to use healthy meal plans, however all the recipes and grocery list generator are in cups… I can't understand how many grams is one cup for each ingredient, it's very confusing to me 😅 can somebody recomend a good converter so I can make those amazing recipes, please?


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