3 Post-Diwali Detox Keto Recipes


I can seriously understand how you must be feeling, I am also too lazy, in fact, the aftereffects of the festival are playing right away into my life. And what better way than to detox myself. Sharing 3 delicious detox recipes which are totally keto-friendly, low carb & also healthy too, to take you out of the slumberness and ignite you to be back on your toes.

Ganpati Keto/ Low-carb Recipes:
Keto Ukadiche Modak | Low Carb Sweet Dumplings

Sabudana Khichdi in Keto Style | Low carb Porridge

Keto Puran Poli | Keto Indian Dessert | Ganpati Special

5 Mins Keto Til Peda | Low carb Travel Sweets

Keto Kheeranand Dessert | Low Carb Rajasthani Pudding

Keto Pocket-Friendly Peanut Halwa | Low-Carb Fudge

Keto Modak Ladoo (Indian Sweet)

Keto Gond ke Ladoo

Keto Sweet Gujiya/Karanji





  1. Hi my love Jyoti 💕, my keto saviour, My darling neighbour !
    I am off keto but I still can't resist to see your lovely videos and here I am again watching your recipes.☺️
    I am soo proud of you and your efforts.I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team mostly your son aswell for making my keto-life a blessing.
    You payed a major role in my weight loss journey to a healthy transformation. I was not overweight just 10 kilo extra BMI but I had uncontrollable type -2 diabetes.
    Now my HbA1C is at 5.0 before keto it was 7.9
    I thank you specially. Please keep yourself motivated. You are a blessing 😘.
    You are silently changing lives of people like me and others who you don't even know watch your videos or take ideas from your efforts 😍
    May Allah SWT bless you.
    Love you my darling ❤️