3 ingredient pudding. Sugar free and vegan. Cooking from my pantry


Good morning YouTube friends! Today we are making a super simple delicious pudding. It only takes 3 ingredients for the base vanilla recipe, is sugar free, and vegan!
And it’s very likely that you have everything you need in your fridge, or pantry.
To start pour 3 cups of your favorite non dairy milk into a saucepan. Turn heat on to medium. Add 1/2 of sweetener. I’m using swerve which is an all natural granulated sweetener. I’m becoming a giant fan of it. It bakes fabulously!
You can, of course, use regular sugar if you prefer. Or if that’s all you’ve got.
If you happen to use a sweetener needs less to be as sweet… start with a little and taste test as you go.
Once milk and sweetener is warmed. Remove about 1/2 cup of mixture and stir in 3 tablespoons of cornstarch until as blended as possible.
Strain cornstarch mixture as you pour it back into your pot. This step is optional, but will give you a velvety no lump pudding. I recommend doing it:)
At this point whisk your mixture continuously until it thickens and can coat the back of a spoon.
(About 3-4 minutes)
Turn off heat and add 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract
Pour into any container and chip for about an hour.
Enjoy on it’s own, or poured over fresh fruit.

While whisking you cornstarch mixture stir in 1/2 cup cocoa powder strain into main batch. Add only 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Make vanilla recipe. While still hot. Place sliced banana in bottom of container, pour pudding mixture on top. Chill. Serve on its own, or top with fresh banana and non dairy whipped topping for a banana cream pie type dessert!

You can also substitute flavor extract for the vanilla to customize your pudding to any flavor you’d like. I would recommend lemon, peach, or even butterscotch flavoring. The sky is the limit!! I hope you enjoy 💕

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