3 High Protein Vegan Meals (Budget-Friendly Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


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Piggybacking on our recent Meal Plant For Weight Loss video, this time we’re sharing a high protein, low fat, oil-free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Starting with dinner for a change, we’re whipping up a fresh new take on Enchiladas, with protein-rich beans, tofu, and whole wheat wraps. For breakfast, we’ve got a delicious Banana Bread Baked Oats, with protein-rich hemp, flax, oats, soy milk, and an extra boost thanks to our favorite protein powder! Finally, lunch is a zesty Mediterranean Lentil Quinoa Chickpea salad loaded with fresh veggies! All recipes can be found in our meal planner. Enjoy!

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  1. I really liked the Enchiladas recipe (first time I see a recipe idea like this)! 😋I am going to try this one for sure (without the sweet potatoes, though, cause I never tried them, but I may use white potatoes or a paste or sauce of peppers, I think). 🥘😋 Sending you love, guys! 😘💖

  2. I recently went plant based Vegan after watching your videos and I feel amazing!!! I have struggled with thyroid issues, high cholesterol, anxiety, & depression my goal is to eventually not be on any medication and for my body to heal itself. My husband unfortunately does not understand. He only eats fast food, drinks a lot of beer, and he has diabetes!

  3. These recipes look wonderful!! Did you cook the beans, lentils and quinoa together in the Instant Pot? If so, for how long? Also, would you consider writing out the recipes in the show notes? It would be so much easier than trying to copy from your video. And, we all want your beautiful recipes. Thanks!