3 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes for your BlendJet Portable Blender


Make your own fresh and healthy green smoothies at home in your #BlendJet these easy green smoothie recipes created by registered dietician and nutritionist Whitney English! The BlendJet portable blender is a fast and easy way to make plant-based smoothies. Get your own #BlendJet2​​ exclusively from

0:00​ Introduction
0:50 Basic B Green Smoothie
1:11 Kale Me Baby Smoothie
1:53 Broccical Smoothie

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  1. For those asking, here are the recipes:

    Basic B Green Smoothie
    1 Cup Milk of Choice
    1/2 Frozen Banana
    1/3 Cup Blueberries
    1 Handful of Spinach
    1 Tbsp Almond Butter
    Blend for 4 Cycles

    Kale Me Baby Smoothie
    1 1/4 Cup Milk of Choice
    1/3 Cup Fresh or Frozen Kale
    1/2 Frozen Banana
    1/3 Cup Pineapple
    Half of a Pitted Date
    Blend for 4 Cycles

    Broccical Smoothie
    1 1/4 Cup Coconut Milk
    1/3 Cup Frozen or Riced Broccoli
    1/3 Cup Frozen Mango
    1/3 Cup Frozen Pineapple
    Half of a Pitted Date
    *Option to Add a Scoop of Protein Powder or 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
    Blend for 4 Cycles

  2. Thank you to the Makers of Blendjet Portable Blender. I've been enjoying a Healthy Smoothie every day since I received the Blendjet for my Birthday in April from my wonderful Daughter. Absolutely Love it! I just love watching all the Videos of inspiring ideas and I will return for more of these fantastic ideas. Victoria Lloyd.