3 Epic Vegan Meals for £1 TESCO {easy & delicious!]


3 super easy vegan meals for under £1 per person – vegan on a budget! You guys found the first one I did helpful so I had to come back with another! Really hope you enjoy the recipess!

Creamy Mushroom Pasta
Item – Full Price – Price Per Quantity Used For 1 Person
Almond Milk – £1 – 12p
Shitaki Muschroom – £1 – 50p
(can use cheaper mushrooms)
Garlic – 30p – 5p
Onion – 16p – 8p
Brocoli – 55p – 12p
Cherry Tomatoes – 69p – 13p
Pasta 20p – 5p
(Hearty Food Co. Spaghetti)

£1.05 per one serving
(I used 1 cup of milk, sometimes I add more depending on consistency but in general, I prefer to make it with cashew nuts)

Spanish Chickpea Stew
Item – Full Price – Price Per Quantity Used For 1 Person
Chickpeas – 55p – 24p
Baby Spinach – 89p – 20p
Onion – 16p – 8p
Garlic – 30p – 10p
Brown Rice – £1 – 10p
Tomatoes – 36p – 18p

90p per one serving
(The chickpea stew makes 2/3 servings)

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  2. I just cooked the creamy mushroom recipe for dinner and OH MY GOSH. THANK YOUUUU. It was so thick and cheesy but took no time at all! It literally tasted like a fancy dish from restaurant and you would never guess that it's vegan. Plus it's healthy! This is gonna be my new favourite dinner, defo gonna make it for my non-vegan friends and family. Thank you so much I'm obsessed with your recipes now!

  3. This stuff is truly amazing. I am trying to eat, less meat, so 3 times a week i go meat free, mostly vegetarian, but I like vegan food, and am nuts over the greggs vegan sausage rolls. Better then the meat ones. Thanks again, for these wonderful videos, your hard work is not in vain, believe me.