3 Budget-Friendly Vegan Meals We LOVE (MUST TRY TOFU HACK)!


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We needed to shake things up a bit in the kitchen, so we created 3 brand new, super delicious, budget-friendly plant-based meals that you will absolutely love! The Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bars are a fan favorite with the kiddos, the Pad Thai Tofu is loaded with nourishing veggies and protein, and the Shepherd’s Pot Pie is the perfect cold weather dinner that we fully intend on making on repeat! Be sure to get our EatMoveRest Meal Planner for these recipes and SO MUCH MORE!

0:00 Intro
2:40 Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bars
6:42 Vegetable Pad Thai Tofu
9:15 Shepherd’s Pot Pie

EatMoveRest Your Best,
♥ Erin & Dusty

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  1. Thanks for the yummy recipes . I was wondering if you could make a video with tips on raising vegan toddlers/kids. Good products , toddler nutritional needs etc . I know you have done some videos on what they eat and I have watched them . There doesn’t seem to be many you tube families that dig into giving details of raising young children plant based . Thanks so much 😊

  2. Tamari is also an alternative for soy sauce. It's wheat free soy sauce but still not the healthiest option with all the sodium in it.
    I encourage people to try gochugaru which are Korean chile flakes. No seed no heat but earthy and smoky tasting. Healthy way to add flavor to healthy food. They're available at many mainstream grocery and online.

  3. Such an awesome video!!
    Omg those strawberry date bars 😋
    No surprise your kiddos love them – I teach preschool and strawberries are the one fruit I’ve found every child will eat. 🙂
    I make an oatmeal with those ingredients practically every day. Super yummy.
    I just made a shepherds pie last night!
    Thanks Erin and Dusty💞