20 of the BEST SOUPS To Make In The Instant Pot!


If you need more soup ideas, here are 100 of our FAVORITE Instant Pot Soups: Timestamps and recipes coming on Monday! But you can find all of them in the link above! Thanks for your patience! The Instant Pot I use: The AMAZING CHOP STIR: Timestamps: 0:00 20 Instant Pot Soups 00:24 Broccoli Cheddar– 2:37 Stuffed Pepper– 7:25 Meatball 11:52 Loaded Taco 14:06 Wild Rice– 16:56 Chili– 18:48 Sweet Potato– 20:54 Chicken Noodle– 23:06 New England Clam Chowder– 28:34 Minestrone– 31:45 White Chicken Chili– 35:45 7 Can Tortilla– – 38:37 Baked Potato 40:15 Instant Pot Stew– 42:24 BBQ Chicken Chili– 44:49 Disneyland Clam Chowder– 47:34 Loaded Veggie– 51:22 Creamy Enchilada– 54:17 Chicken and Potato 57:00 Sweet Potato Quinoa Stew #sixsistersstuff #instantpotsoup .





  1. Because of food issues, will there be any 'drawback' to not using onion (wife eats onions, we go to hospital). Every single recipe I see (not just in this video) uses onion. What will be the effect of not using onion? Please note, I am not a cook, I don't have any experience with cooking. My wife bought the insta pot and I want to start eating healthier.

  2. I love soups, however after having diverticulitis, I can no longer eat anything with seeds, can’t eat beans, cauliflower or broccoli. I wish there were more soups, salads, and main dishes without, tomatoes, cucumbers, green chili’s. For desserts, no strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, bananas, literally anything with seeds. Is there any good soups or main dishes without seeds in them? How about desserts or salads without seeds?

  3. Thank you. I’ve been doing a bit of….what’s that phrase….yes, a binge watch. I have had my Instant Pot for many, many months. My daughter was going to teach me, but her life is SO busy with children, working and after school activities that ….well….It never happened. Then I accidentally found you, Six Sisters!!! I’m now going to be able to use my Instant Pot. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You have made it all SO EASY. I understand it and I’m working on my next grocery list. Sticky chicken, a couple of these soups (sadly we don’t have canned [or we call them tinned] clams here in New Zealand so I was disappointed to not be able to try your chowder. Plus a couple of other recipes to start off.
    There was a desert i’ve also saved and I’m subscribed.
    It’s now all go. I’m working on my grocery order.
    Thank you so very much

  4. I just got an instant pot as a gift. I can't wait for our weather to cool down enough for soup and sweaters. My Mum always put sugar in chili, and in spaghetti sauce. She said it cut the acidity. I always do the same, and now my kids are learning to cook they always remind me to put it in.

  5. Thank you for these wonderful soup recipes. I have children that will not eat breakfast foods. Period. But, they will eat soup so I can still feel like a good parent by feeding them something healthy.

    Just one little, tiny, itsy bitsy thing. The word is button with 2 ts. Not buun. It drives me nuts; it actually makes me shiver. I do hear this pronunciation a lot recently. I’ll survive though. Lol

  6. Regarding the loaded taco soup, you can serve it over a tablespoon or two of cream cheese and that is really wonderful. I have even stirred in a whole block of cream cheese just to make it creamy as well. This is the first time I’ve seen this recipe as a Insta pot option but I will be checking my Insta pot out for this from now on 🙂

  7. I used my instant pot once and it actually blew up. I have no idea how to contact the company to get a new one or to have them look at it to see what went wrong. I don’t have a receipt because I took 3 years to take it out of the box and the receipt degraded. There must be ways to contact them, but everything I can find just show message boards of ways to fix problems that I don’t have. I live in Canada as well. I don’t know if you can help me with information, but if you can, it would be great.

  8. I am saving this video and the recipes for fall and winter! These look delish!!😋😍 I like all the videos you show. When that lid flew off the Olive Oil, I nearly died laughing! That has happened to me so many times, I make the same face you did and stop and listen to the lid clatter to a halt. 😂🤣 You rock! 😊😉😎
    Quick notes, folks! The great chop n’ stir tool is now sold at the Dollar Tree!! I bought 2 the other day and they are only slightly smaller than my original tool. Also, instead of using a potato masher or adding cream to a soup to get a smooth creamy texture, use an immersion blender! They not only purée everything to a smooth consistency, they whip air into the soup to give it a creamy feel in the mouth. And third, I found something at my local Walmart I had never seen before. In the produce Dept they carry Spice World brand ROASTED garlic purée!!! I’ve seen the chopped garlic and stuff from Spice World before but never roasted. It taste FAB!! I got two jars, already used one jar in a week. 😵‍💫🤗🤤