20-Minute Vegan Meals EVERYONE Should Know


20-minute vegan meals that don’t sacrifice on flavor! Thank you to ALDI for sponsoring this video! Be sure to visit your local ALDI for unbeatable prices on so many plant-based groceries.

For the printable recipes and tips on how to save time in the kitchen, head to the blog post:





  1. You are right, any Asian kid who disrespect their parents will be punished really bad. I don't think I ever did once.

    Many of young busy people always try to get away with so many complicated cooking without using the store bought sauce, but they don't know it can be simple. You show us how to safe time and actually giving many idea for healthier options of diet without taking away many foods.

    The first recipe is our traditional foods name gado-gado, we eat a lot, so when I was abroad I tried to used the peanut butter but I can't get the taste of it. I always made the original peanut sauce, I love the texture and the taste. But your peanut butter look very different and it looks good.

  2. You posted this right before I made my grocery list for the week— so you know I had to add the ingredients for all three of these recipes. 🤩 Excited to try, and these all seem like a great send off to summer flavors as fall starts to peek around the corner.

  3. If I was really pressed for time or had low energy, I'd definitely not want to grate carrots or slice cabbage. Also wouldn't want to get out my blender for a pesto. All too messy and too much cleanup. So, I'd say, prepare these parts ahead. It's always a good idea to prep some slaw and sauces and then it really is a 20 minute meal. Without 20 min cleanup afterwards. Will definitely try the tofu and the tacos. Looks so good.

  4. I made just the tofu with the sauce just now and it was great. Another method for preparing the tofu that's even easier (but takes more time) is to put the pieces in a ziploc bag with a little oil, corn starch, and a little salt, shake the bag up, and bake all the pieces at 400F for 30 minutes