2 Minute Keto Cheese Crisps Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg


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You could spend a lot of money on keto cheese crisps in a gourmet grocery store, or you could make them at home! Enjoy!

0:00 Keto cheese crisps
0:36 Tasting the keto cheese crisps
1:19 How to make cheese crisps

In this video, we’re going to share with you a delicious recipe for keto cheese crisps. These cheese crisps are thin, crunchy, and super tasty. They are made with three different kinds of cheese and some spices, which you could adjust to your liking. These cheese crisps are beautiful and taste better than a potato chip!

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe for keto cheese crisps. Thanks for watching!





  1. Please do not say to avoid buying stuff from outside. The economy will collapse. What would the employees in the gourmet shops do? It makes sense in a country like India where we don't get cheese chips and have to make it at home.

  2. I;m slightly puzzled because, after going full keto and omad…I find that all dairy makes me crash, I haven't used cow juice for years but even cooking with butter doesn't work for me any more…but man..Mr and Mrs Berg…do I feel gooooooooooooood m/