1787 Beer Soup from Germany!


This Beer Soup recipe is easily one of the most unique tasting dishes we’ve done. Thanks to Old Salem Museums and Gardens for translating this recipe! #townsendsbeersoup Old Salem’s Website ➧ ➧➧ Visit Our Website! ➧ ➧➧ Help support the channel with Patreon ➧ ➧➧ Facebook ➧ facebook.com/jas.townsend Instagram ➧ townsends_official .





  1. Light beer could also mean something like white or "Keller beer". Just something that is not to malty or bitter. I am not sure how the beer tasted a few hundred years ago, but there are so many varieties of beer in Germany today. The southern variations are more "light" while northern german beer is more bitter. We also have "Schwarzbier" (Blackbeer) or even smoked beer (brewed since the middle ages in Bamberg called "Schlenkerla", it's awesome try it). So a light beer could just mean something not too strong in taste, and light in color.

  2. Ehh… The guy's reaction was a little misleading. I was hoping it would be an actual frothy beer with lots of malt and like meat broth or something added. All they've done here is just add beer the same way you'd add beer as a seasoning to anything; The alcohol, co2, and some of the water will boil away so that you're basically just using the cereal grain (barley, wheat, rye, etc.) and hops for flavor. Are they gonna make a wine soup next and be like "wow I never thought about using wine to flavor anything before" 😆