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  1. Hi Madeleine, I loved this video – tbh your videos are my favorite thing to watch on here, they feel very positive, relaxing and uplifting 🙂 I have been practising baking my own bread (it's life-changing!!) but am struggling with getting the loaf to rise properly, it spreads and flattens a lot whilst proofing. Any tips to get a more compact shape? Thanks xx

  2. For sweet popcorn it's not enough to sprinkle the popcorn with sugar as it will all fall off and you'll end up with most sugar on the bottom and tasteless popcorn. It's better to heat up the oil until it's really hot, then stir in sugar and let it caramelize for 10 seconds while stirring, then add the kernels, turn of the heat and shimmy the pot regularly. Tastes like the sweet popcorn you get in cinemas! Fun fact: in Germany we usually have sweet popcorn and I was mindblown when I realized in my twenties that the popcorn I saw in American movies and soaps is actually not sweet!

  3. I love these vids with lots of ideas to help plan the daily meals. And you also remind me some kind of good that I sometimes don't include into my meal plan.
    Sometimes your ingredients are poured too quickly and it's a bit difficult to recognize what they are. I wonder if you might say what all the ingredients are. Thanks Maddie

  4. You have inspired me so much. I went vegan in Nov 22 and have really enjoyed my new way of eating. I have tried every diet and fad going and have never sustained it. You have helped me completely change the way I view food. I feel the best I’ve ever felt and my new way of eating is slowly trickling down to my family which I love. My Children LOVE Alex’s bread, which I bake for them twice a week ! Thank you Madeleine and Alex. ❤

  5. Thank you for these videos, they are helpful and fun to watch! Re: the 'extra's' discussion: it seems fair to use things that are leftover from last week but maybe you could share what's leftover from the budget shop at the end of the week too, which you will carry into the next week? It would be interesting to see whether that evens it out or if you use it all up for the budget meals week.

  6. I don't know if you find this but sometimes smoothies (esp with fruits) send my blood sugar really high and then it crashes and I feel really hungry! It's annoying as it is a great way to get lots of goodness in. I thinking eating it with some protein avo toast does help with this xx

  7. Love Crispy Kale. That looks really good. Love popcorn. So easy to do on the stove. I Love lentils too. That mushroom and toast looks so good. I don't cook mine too long. Just long enough. I want to be plant based. And I'm on a budget. Trying to figure it out. Everything looked really yummy.

  8. This video has inspired me so much! Recently I have been making a big batch of soup at the weekend and having that for breakfast each day, I just microwave it in a mug! I find it more filling than a smoothie and less faff. This week is spiced carrot and lentil 😍 thank you for all these amazing ideas, it is really helpful ❤️

  9. Oh! I already commented but I just got to the end of the video. I’m actually really looking forward to the cupboard clear out challenge . My mom use to do the “everything but the kitchen sink” stew which was never the same twice 😂

    And if I could request a challenge it would be something like “10 ingredient/ 10 meals” or something like that. Using the same basic ingredients in a variety of ways.

    Because that kind of advice helps people on a budget a lot. 👍

  10. The recipes ideas are really helpful! However, I'm not sure it's fair to advertise this video and the last as "£16 weekly budget meals" with how many ingredients you used that aren't included in that total. Imo, it's fine if it's a few inexpensive ingredients leftover from an equally budgeted grocery trip (e.g. flour, rice); however, a lot of the "extra" ingredients are pretty pricey and leftovers from much more expensive grocery hauls (e.g. maple syrup, nuts/seeds, tahini, frozen fruit, protein powder, etc).

    It's especially an issue for some of the meals/snacks like the smoothies, protein shakes, or mac'n'cheese where most of the cost per serving is coming from aforementioned expensive "leftover" ingredients. It kinda seems like "cheating" insofar as it's not really a full week of meals on £16, since there's whole meals (and half of others) that aren't included in that.

    Just some food for thought in the future! I do appreciate the video. Thanks Maddie <3.