13 Easy Keto Friendly Recipes | Tastemade


13 quick and easy recipes for you to try whether you’re on the keto diet or not! Try one of these dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

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  1. I made the eggplant lasagna, and I have some thoughts for the maker. Mainly, did they actually try it after making it???
    1st problem: it was way too salty. There's salt on the eggplants to help remove moisture, salt from the cheese, salt added with the cheese mix, and salt in the tomato sauce. It was almost inedible, and the eggplant barely wept from my efforts. My recommendation is skip the salted eggplant and don't put salt in the cheese mix. You can always add salt later. But adding too much will ruin your entire dinner.
    2nd problem: there wasn't enough tomato sauce. I used two cups when the recipe calls for 1.5, not nearly enough. I'd suggest 4 because the eggplant needs to be smothered properly to absorb the flavors.
    3rd problem: the eggplant was undercooked! And my slices were thinner than theirs! There's no way they followed their own recipe and came out with a properly cooked lasagna. The eggplant needs at least 45 minutes to cook, more if the eggplant is sliced thick like theirs. Otherwise it's bitter, rubbery, and hard to cut, even with a knife.
    4th problem: this might be more preference. Personally I didn't think there was enough cheese mix. My cheese layers were very sparse and yet I had nothing leftover for the top layer. So by the finally eggplant layer, I had a very sad amount of tomato sauce and no cheese mix.
    Final note: I didn't cook down the spinach and garlic. I don't think it's a necessary step. My lasagna was about as watery as the video's. And if you want to counter any water release, mix tomato paste with the tomato sauce.
    It's a great idea and with some tweaking will be delicious.


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