13 Diabetic Friendly Comfort Foods


From cheeseburgers and tacos to pizza and spaghetti in today’s video we will be talking about diabetic friendly versions of your all time favorite comfort foods!





  1. This needs to be clear, this pertains to type 2 diabetics mainly. My son is type 1 which is by far more serious then type 2, and this advice does not pertain to him so much. Plus he gets allot of excercise which helps significantly. Most type 2 diabetics need to stop with the sugar, fried food and bread overload and get exercise and it can be reversed. Which is not how it works for type 1.

  2. When I'm offered this types of foods I pass it up, and explain why or sometimes indulge, but keep my portion very restricted.
    One tip for a main course like these, is about 30 minutes before, to down a couple of ounces of organic apple cider that's got the "mother" culture in it mixed with a large glass of water or I down the vinager first, then drink water and them eat a bunch of salad no croutons or dressing though !

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