12 Mistakes That Are Making Your Healthy Salad Unhealthy


From overdoing the cheese, putting in too much dressing, adding croutons, cutting veggies the wrong size to not tossing it and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Using Store Bought Dressing – 00:47
2. Overdoing The Cheese – 01:47
3. Not Washing Your Greens – 02:22
4. Putting ingredients In The Wrong Order – 03:39
5. Adding Your Dressing Right Away – 04:15
6. Adding Unhealthy Crunchy Toppings – 05:01
7. Piling On The Nuts And Fruit – 05:45
8. Pouring On Too Much Dressing – 06:27
9. Cutting Veggies The Wrong Size – 07:12
10. Adding The Same Boring Protein – 07:50
11. Sticking With The Usual Base – 08:42
12. Not Tossing It – 09:21


1. Using Store Bought Dressing: Salad dressings and vinaigrettes marry all of the components together, making a bowl full of bits and pieces into a cohesive meal. Dressings add pops of flavor, whether heat, acid, or even a touch of sweetness, to balance everything out.

2. Overdoing The Cheese: Cheese isn’t a bad salad topping—it’s a good source of calcium and contains protein. But the wrong type can easily sabotage your salad.

3. Not Washing Your Greens: Do you own a salad spinner? If not, and you enjoy salad, then it might be time to invest in one. That’s because whether you buy greens from a bag or a whole head of your favorite leafy green, you should wash them and dry them properly.

4. Putting ingredients In The Wrong Order: The crown jewels in most salads are the mix-ins, whether summer tomatoes, fresh figs or tender cubes of avocado. The issue with all these additions is that they’re heavy, and often wind up at the bottom of the bowl, lost under a pile of lightweight greens.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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  1. Believe me, fat is NOT the problem… so get off that kick. Make your own salad dressing and add sunflower lecithin to it so that everything stays in solution and the oil and vinegar doesn't separate. The lecithin will also keep your BLOOD in solution so it's EXCELLENT for your heart. Although it's optioinal, I always add a tiny amount of gelatin powder to the salad dressing to thinken it, depending on how watery it is. I don't like runny dressing and the gelatin is tasteless and is super good for my skin.

  2. This isn’t the issue with the health community. You provide no nuance. None of these things are unhealthy in moderation and typically people are not putting a ton but just a little in their salads. If someone eats salad all day everyday they will actually need some of these fats carbs for energy especially if they workout. Someone whose regularly working out will be fine consuming salads like this and no it’s not going to make them gain weight lol. It’s far better than most foods that people eat. We need to stop demonizing food because it’s ridiculous now at this point. Even healthy foods are being demonized because someone wants to add a creamy dressing ‘ugh healthier than cheese burgers and pizza!

  3. An amount of calories are required per day. Not adding cheese or croutons, to a salad because you’re afraid to consume a small portion of fats, can be bad in different ways. Losing weight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consume a portion of fats per day, just don’t over due it.

  4. Love the idea to put the salad dressing on the bottom so it won’t break down the salad when I refrigerate it. Also, you are point on about cutting everything up small. I’ve had a salad before without salad dressing because it was cut up very small. I also like drizzling the bowel idea and of course washing it.