12 Amazing Vegan Fish Recipes


If you used to like fish but you’re avoiding it because you’re vegan or vegetarian, this is the perfect post for you! We’ve got 12 amazing fish recipes that are insanely delicious!

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Before I became vegan, I really liked fish and fortunately there are some great and easy ways to make vegan fish alternatives at home.  I’ve already got some delicious plant-based fish alternatives on my blog, but I teamed up with some fellow food bloggers to provide you with even more recipes! 

In this post, you can find plant-based alternatives for: 

  • salmon
  • fish & chips
  • tuna 
  • fish tacos
  • lobster rolls
  • and even calamari

So let’s get started with the yumminess! I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do around here! 

vegan salmon with potatoes and broccoli on a grey plate on a wooden board with fresh dill in the background

Vegan Salmon

This pan-fried vegan salmon is perfect if you miss fish. It's tender, flaky, packed with flavors of the sea, and it's super crispy on the outside with a crispy skin made of nori. 

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vegan fish on a wooden board with fries and a lemon wedge

Vegan Fish & Chips

This vegan fish and chips recipe is so authentic that you won’t know you aren’t eating the real thing! Thanks to hearts of palm we’re able to mimic the flaky texture of fish that we beer batter and deep fry. Enjoy this classic recipe any night of the week, no pub needed! (by John from Rescue Dog Kitchen)

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Vegan Crab Cakes

Vegan Crab Cakes

If you used to like fish and crab cakes, you will love these vegan crab cakes with chickpeas and artichokes. They're super delicious, packed with flavor, and very easy to make. 

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three vegan fish tacos on a white plate with lime wedges on the side

Vegan Ensenada-Style Fish Tacos

Try these Ensenada-style fish tacos featuring tender corn tortillas filled with crispy tofu “fish”, fresh pico de gallo, crunchy cabbage, and creamy chipotle mayo. (by Mitch & Justine from Broke Bank Vegan)

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a vegan poke bowl with chop sticks and lime halves in the background

Vegan Poke Bowl

Are you a poke bowl fan looking for a vegan version of this popular Hawaiian dish? Then try this vegan poke bowl with watermelon “tuna” and sriracha mayonnaise. It’s super delicious, fresh, and incredibly healthy. You’re gonna LOVE it!

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a hand dipping a piece of vegan fish in a bowl with vegan tartar sauce

Vegan Artichoke Fish

The flaky texture of artichokes is perfect to make vegan fish. It’s super easy to make: The artichokes are battered, fried, and served with potatoes and vegan tartar sauce. It tastes so similar to real fish. (by Bianca from Elephantastic Vegan)

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vegan calamari in a small red basket with a small bowl of ketchup and a lemon wedge

Vegan Calamari

Insanely crispy Vegan Calamari made in the air fryer! This healthy plant-based calamari is gluten-free, allergy-free, and oil-free! Made with Hearts of Palm and a light seasoned breading, this squid-free calamari recipe will blow your mind and become your go-to appetizer for impressing anyone! (by Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine)

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a vegan fish taco bowl on a white wooden board

Vegan Fish Taco Bowl

Delicious, easy and a perfect meal for all eaters, this vegan fish taco bowl is amazing! (by Sophia from Veggies Don’t Bite – Recipe from Vegan Bowl Attack)

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a piece of vegan tuna casserole on a white plate with the casserole dish in the background

Vegan Tuna Casserole

This vegan take on the classic tuna noodle casserole will take you back! It’s pure comfort food, an easy work night dump and bake dinner that’s completely plant-based, dairy-free, and surprisingly healthy! We use jackfruit seasoned with ground nori and miso paste for the tuna. This is combined with noodles, peas, pimentos, and vegan condensed cream of mushroom soup, then baked to perfection. (by B+T from The Plant Power Couple)

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As always, you can find the full recipe in a separate recipe box beneath the text section.

Vegan Tuna Sandwich with Chickpeas

This vegan tuna sandwich with chickpeas is ready in no time and it’s so incredibly yummy! And with the help of dried seaweed it tastes so much like the real thing!

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two vegan lobster rolls on a grey plate with a lemon wedge on the side

Vegan Lobster Rolls

These vegan Lobster Rolls are super quick and easy to make, packed with flavor and seriously taste like the real deal! They’re such a fun idea for summer entertaining and have gotten rave reviews from meat-eaters and vegans alike. (by Lexi and Beth from Crowded Kitchen)

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vegan tuna pasta salad in a white bowl on a blue dish cloth

Vegan Tuna Pasta Salad

So simple to prep and full of flavor, this Vegan Tuna Pasta Salad is a dish everyone will love! Your favorite pasta, chickpea “tuna,” fresh dill, and loads of veggies, are tossed with a tangy, creamy dressing. Such a great side dish or you can make it a meal! (by Bonnie from Serene Trail)

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