11 German Stews & One-Pot Dishes / German Soups / German Eintopf


11 German One-Pot Dishes / German Stews / German Soups / German Eintopf German one-pot dishes are the best comfort food for winter. If you would like to know what German stews and soups are, please keep on watching. In this video, we concentrate on all popular German Eintopf recipes – German meat stews and vegetarian stews! Food mentioned in the video: ⇛ Pichelsteiner – Bavarian beef soup – ONE-POT ⇛ Linseneintopf – German Lentil Soup RECIPE: ⇛ Gaisburger Marsch – Swabian beef soup ⇛ Kartoffelsuppe – Potato Soup ⇛ Grüner Bohneneintopf – Green BIPE Beef Souf RECene Pea Soup ⇛ Soljanka – DDR Style Soup RECIPE: ⇛ Kohlsuppe – Cabbage Soup ⇛ Hühnersuppe – Chicken Soup ⇛ Steckrübeneintopf – Rutabaga Soup ♥ To watch next ♥ German Autumn Dishes: German Sauerkraut Dishes: ♥ Book Food Tour ♥ Book Frankfurt Food Tour from 79 € per person! Get the self-guided Food Tour PDF ★ Let’s stay in touch ★ Never miss a video or a free food guide! Newsletter subscription here: Never miss a recipe! Cooking Blog newsletter: Cooking Blog: Travel Blog: Subscribe to our Channel :.





  1. hallo, Marta ! ich mag sehr viel Kartoffelsuppe, Fischsuppe und Paella für One-Pot Dishes !

    ich möchte deine Kartoffelsuppe vorbereiten. ich habe eine Frage für dich. welches Öl bevorzugen die Deutschen ? benutzt euch Olivenöl oder etwas anderes ? ich denke drüber nach, diesen Eintopf mit den Würsten vorzubereiten. liebe Grüße von Kalifornien !

  2. Es sieht echt gut aus. EinTip zur Erbsensuppe. sie schmeckt noch besser wenn man gekochtes Sauerkaraut vom Vortag dazu auf den Teller gibt. Zur Linsensuppe gehört unbedingt Lauch und etws Knoblauch. Du warst in Frankfurt? Ich lebe 20 km nördlich von Frankfurt. In dem Ort wo das Telefon erfunden wurde.

  3. it's unbelievable that in Germany a frankfurter is never served in a bun. I think you'd faint if you ever came to NJ and saw what we do to them. Video search Rutt's Hutt in Clifton, NJ. They deep fry frankfurters until they burst open, hence their names "rippers". LOL

  4. I see many European recipes call for "1 package soup vegetables" or similar words. This is not available in the US; of course there are plenty of vegetables, but we buy them individually, rather than collected up in a mixed package. Please tell us what''s in a package of soup vegetables.

  5. Another great video, my one pot meal is Goulosh.Modified my mother recipe slightly,elbow macaroni and cheese ,ground beef,onions and tomatoe juice.But I usually use V-8 juice and add more cheese. Funny as a kid wasn't my favourite now I crave it.☺

  6. I think I will be making soup this weekend! Maybe I will make my families (German immigrants) Leberknödel Suppe, but only me and my daughter eat it. My favorite one pot recipe would be Kapusniak, that soup is loved by everyone and has really amazing flavors! I make with Potato, Carrots, Bacon, Kielbasa, Cabbage and Sauerkraut and almost forgot with fresh dill. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. nice video and nice editing. very creative.

    kohlsuppe was a staple in my german/american family growing up, and i've done variations myself, as i prefer kale, but sometimes i use cabbage. i also often add chicken or some sort of beef sausage, usually kielbasa. we always added lots of veggies, which was a thing my grandmother started, so it was more of a vegetable soup.

  8. Danke , fuer ein neues Video ! And here we go … Gulasch , Kartoffelsuppe , Moehrensuppe , Ochsenschwanzsuppe , Wirsingkohleintopf , Suppe mit Gaenseklein , Huehnersuppe , Entensuppe , Erbsensuppe , Suppe mit Huehnerherzen und Maegen , Kohlrabisuppe , ich mag Linsen nicht so gerne , aber Jedem das Seine . Enjoy !

  9. I just thought of another eintopf style soup that is very German traditional. It's called Schlachtsuppe. But also known as Wurstbrühe, Metzelsuppe, Brotsuppe, or Greddelbrühe. It was first noted in 1617 by the brothers Grimm. It is a soup that can be made into an eintopf, that is very transitional in the Autumn months. In the village I use to live in, when a farmer butchered a pig, is when it was made. To make much of the kochwurst types, but also to get all the meat off of bones, such meat & bones would need to be boiled first. To do so takes a massive pot, that cooks over an open fire for days. And, once the meat and bones are taken out of the pot, what is left is a very savory soup of small meat pieces and marrow. There is so much soup in the pot that it is tradition that all the villagers would come by carrying small milk cans to get their share of the soup. (There is no way a farmer's family, no matter how large it is, could eat all that soup before it spoils.) Here too, all the traditional German vegetables can be added into the pot. As we were the farmers butchering, we usually just made Brotsuppe so as to save time away from cooking. (Dry bread & green onions usually.) Directly after WWII, it was this soup and tradition (that anyone could come by and get their portion) that fed many people who otherwise might not see meat for weeks. Even into the 90s, we had Frankfurter families who kept up the tradition of coming by and having Brotsuppe with us.

  10. Just south of you in Franken & Schwaben land they make an eintopf from double-smoked bacon. It is left in a block and stewed until about as fall a part as it will get. It is then taken out and eggs are whisked into the broth so that they make noodle like strings. I've seen onions, potatoes, cabbage or kraut added in, celery root, rutabaga, carrots…most any sturdy vegetable at hand for that matter. The double-smoked bacon is then cut into portions and added to each plate. If cabbage has been used, some sprinkle apple cider vinegar on top. I've also seen variations where the vegetables are left quite large. Strangely, last time I ate such, was in Wisconsin, not Germany. It can also be found amongst some Amish.

  11. I love eintopf, particularly linsen and kartoffel. I still make the linsen eintopf from my Oma's recipe written down for me 60 years ago. This was speck and onions fried together, lentils which had soaked for 24 hours, leeks carrots and parsley. Then fried and diced belly pork added with all the fat from the frying pan. It is the most delicious food you can ever eat. My grandkids can eat it by the gallon and it's by far their favourite comfort food, as it was for me all those years ago. Thank you Marta for showing me that it's still loved. -Mischling

  12. For me stews are the best foods ever, so comforting and filling. I cook a lot at home and love all of them!! I recently made a huge chicken soup with organic chicken and the SECRET ingredient is: TURKEY NECKS!! which after 4 hours give the soup a deep flavor! I also made a hybrid goulash and white been soup and tomorrow I am making split pea soup to which I will add Kabanus dry sausage…SOUP is LIFE !! I eat these stews ALL year round 🙂 XOXO from Tel Aviv…

  13. Wow so many German soups! My favorite all year round soup and or winter soup is chicken macaroni soup (with milk and heavy cream). Looking forward to your next video about carnival foods in Germany 😊 I am really enjoying your channel, glad that YT recommended it :))


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