#101 Making Sugar Free Cherry hard candy.


Jake makes a batch of Sugar Free Hard Candy, but makes the flavor sour cherry. It is made our our drop roller, a candy press from the 1870’s.





  1. i try to make candy treats from time to time for my family especially when I'm depressed it eases my mind, but sugar-free for my diabetic brother has been difficult, he wants me to try taffy and I can't seem to find a sweetener that I can make taffy with not to take from your business I love y'all , but if you know what i can use that would be great thanks

  2. Sour Cherries are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get here in Florida. It's probably the one thing I actually dislike since I am from the North originally (Michigan). Whenever we try to buy cherries we can only find Sweet, Extra Sweet or Super Sweet cherries. And a RARE "zesty" cherry pie. So to find a Florida Based Business making something that is SOUR Cherry … makes me so happy and in need of really visiting some day (or ordering if I have the cash)! Sour Cherries were a favorite Flea Market buy when I was in Michigan and I've been so sad that I have to resort to sour candies as my only Sour Cherry intake, but this is flavored with REAL cherry, so it's something I gotta try!!

  3. I got so excited when you started talking about blood sugar and insulin because I have type one diabetes and it was just really cool hearing one my favorite channels talking about talking about things that were related to type one diabetes

  4. Dear Greg and co., thank you so much for your wonderful channel. Today (May 19, 2019) my partner and I made Pink Lemonade-flavored hard candies after having a marathon of your videos. We just poured the sugar/corn syrup mix into silicone ice cube trays, and on a buttered baking tray, no fancy rolling, but it was an amazing first try and came out awesomely. Thank you so much for inspiring this fabulous 'at home date'!