10 Things That Happen When You Go Plant Based!


Lots happens when you switch to a HEALTHY plant based diet. There are a bunch of well documented, science backed benefits, but in this video I talk about what I experienced when first making the leap.

Share in the comments what changes or benefits you noticed when you switched to a plant based diet.

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00:00 intro
00:10 What is a HEALTHY plant based diet?
01:11 The evidence based health benefits of a vegan diet
01:33 How a plant based diet reduces your risk of food borne illness
02:08 Why a plant based diet saves you money
02:48 How a plant based diet helps you try new foods & cooking methods
03:44 Why a plant based diet is great for your digestion
04:34 Why you can eat more on a plant based diet
05:18 Why a plant based diet helps weight management
06:28 Less eye crusties eating a plant based diet
07:18 Why a plant based diet helps improve skin and acne
08:40 A plant based diet help decrease my joint pain
09:18 A plant based diet helps me feel calm, peaceful, and connected to nature






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  1. I feel you when you said stomachaces used to be the norm on an omnivore diet. Before going vegan, I had nearly regular diarrhea and daily headaches. All of which disappeared within 2 weeks of adopting a vegan lifestyle. I couldn't believe it, I was finally free! I was so used to it that I barely even thought it could go away! Also, my skin and hair have never looked better. I've been praised for both lately, so it's clearly noticeable. Lastly, some alarming stuff in my blood tests has been steadily decreasing (had high cholesterol, high fibrinogen, high uric acid…) and I'm only in my 8th month of veganism!!! No one told me how much of a healthy change it would be for me! I am absolutely thriving ♥ thank you Derek and Crystal for spreading all of the information I wish somebody had told me sooner!

  2. When you thougth you knew all the vegan tricks, there are still new ones ! I'm baffled by the simple logical inconsistancy around the price of high quality "local" meat but then comparing vegan products with the cheapest meats.
    I'll learn to integrate that in my arguments.

  3. Hi Derek, I love your content!
    I totally agree that we should all eat more plants, and I totally relate to what you have said about food verity. Tho I tried being totally plant based, and couldn't really stick to it.
    For me, a a-lot-of-plants-omnivore diet is working, and i do think it's alao premoting health.
    I don't think plant base is the only way to get healthier, but going mostly- planet based is definetly necessary!
    Love your content. Keep smiling

  4. for adding greens into my diet I found digestive enzymes in a bottle called simalase really helped my digestive tract adjust. I would take 2 tiny pills(the pills are very small) right before my greens smoothie and I wouldn't get those crazy cramps from my digestive tract struggling to digest new stuff😁and it only took a little over a week for me to not have to take the pills anymore

  5. I've been wfpb for 19 years but i still get joint pain a lot. If you're a menopausal woman like me, even following every advice and the least processed diet ever, the loss if hormones play a big role in pain. But still, I'll be vegan for the rest of my life anyway. I think it matters to say that there's a difference on the benefits depending your age, sex, and existing medical conditions. I love your smile. Your gf is pretty lucky!

  6. Another thing that I really noticed was the disappearance of seasonal allergies. I used to have a bad runny nose and itchy eyes and after ditching dairy it totally changed. Now, I only know it's allergy season when my friends are suffering. Sadly, even when I try to gently suggest giving up dairy, nobody will even try it. Dairy really is scary.

  7. I've been dealing with an incurable cancer for 3 years now. I wasn't expected to live for long. This cancer is rare and incredibly aggressive with a very low survival rate. 3 years later I'm still here and on a break from treatment. This cancer won't go into remission but we've got it in check. 3 years of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and developing Addisons Disease and Hypothyroidism from the cancer which entails taking steroids and levothyroxine every day could have destroyed me but it hasn't. I've been eating a plant based diet for years and I know that's why I'm still here. I eat the healthiest food on the planet 6 days a week and let myself have one "bad" day. An impossible burger and fries, or something like that. For me, food is medicine. Combined with all the normal cancer treatments, a whole foods plant based diet is keeping me alive. I would highly recommend this way of eating. I'd probably be super woman if I wasn't dealing with cancer! 🤣😀

  8. pretty much everything like skin, digestion, arthritis well even heart disease comes down to a dysbiotic gut. ditching animal foods eases these conditions because pathogenic bacteria feeds on heme iron and cholesterol. so nothing wrong with eating these foods in the first place when your gut isn't broken. sadly peoples digestion is so much impaired it's a nightmare.

  9. All that you mentioned except for the joint pains….after 2 years of veganism (not wholly WFPB), and into my 50s, I started to have frozen fingers and sunken face (i tried to maintain my weight, just about the same, after extra effort to eat more calories). Where have i gone wrong?

  10. Hey Derek, I am not sure if this is the place to bring this up and you have probably addressed this on other videos but what is your take on osteoporosis? Specifically male osteoporosis. Getting everything you need for bone health. Some advocates say vegans have higher risks of total, hip, leg, and vertebral fractures. That beans have a high phytate content. (You can soak beans to reduce phytates) Nightshades are inflammatory. Spinach and chard contain oxalates. Thanks for all that you do! Big fan for many years!!!!

  11. About the crusties in the eye, I’m an optometrist and I can explain. There are oil glands along the edge of your eyelids and they’re responsible for keeping your tears from evaporating. When you eat a lot of processed fats and animal fats, those glands get more clogged. If they’re clogged, then your eyes don’t stay as moisturized because your tears evaporate faster. Overnight, as the tears evaporate, you’re left with a sludge of mucus, dust and dead skin along your lashes which eventually dry up and become the crusties. That’s basically what boogers are: dried up mucus. Hope that helps! Thanks for all your great content over the years! Long time follower. 👍🥦

  12. After 3+ years of being vegan I can confirm most of the points, even this weird one about eyes (never thought about it but it seems to be true for me as well 🙂 – except the 8 and 9.
    I have always suffered from bad skin and acne, and even though I heard from everywhere about how your skin will improve – not my case. My face (or chest for example) is still like a teenager (I'm about the same age as you). I can see no improvment in that matter at all.
    Regarding to joint pain – this is even worse. I'm experiencing a lot of joint pains (wrist, knees) – yes, it is probably because I run much more or doing more complicated exercises and also I'm getting older. But I cannot say that healthy plant based diet has anything to do to make this better, honestly, I would say the opposite in this specific case.

  13. I love this commentary! I have experience most of what you covered and also…
    1. I no longer need iron pills, when I went plant base my anemia resolved
    2. I smell better, really odd thing to say but true.
    3. I appreciate not having to clean animal fat grease…boy that stuff coats. I can only imagine what it was doing to my arteries.
    4. I sleep better. I often had stomach issues at 2 or 3 am. No more.
    5. It is hard to eat mindlessly with plants. I don’t feel heavy after my meals, just satisfied and content.
    6. I had no idea the relief I feel about not eating animal products until I stopped. I no longer feel bad about big AG—I don’t support it.
    7. I thought I couldn’t live without cheese. Now, I cannot live without oats, potatoes, leafy greens and fruit. It was a lot easier to transition than I expected.
    8. Most people feel sad for me until they come over for a meal and are amazed by the flavor and beauty of my meals.
    Thank you for this video, great topic to explore.

  14. A few benefits I've noticed from eating plant based include: no joint pain, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol so I don't have to go on meds, no more allergies or asthma, and I'm losing inches around my waist, as well as losing weight. And I'm just happier. This is as a 52 year old woman, when technically I shouldn't be able to lose weight or feel better. Oh, and our grocery bills have gone down too, even with inflation. No lie, it was HARD to give up dairy and took me about 6-7 months to stop craving it but it's been SO worth it!

  15. I have definitely learned a lot of thing from watching your chanrl. When I first started wating I learned about Chronometer and how to see if I was getting all my nurtients/ I leaned how to make simple healthy meals that taste good, (the suace is the boss)/ One of the best tips I got from you is to use fresh turmeric because the powdered kind may have things added to it. I love fresh turmeric so much now. I put it in my smoothie everyday and I know it is helping me. I also love the nature part of your videos as well. I love being in the forest, mountains and near water. Thanks for all the great information you share everyday. It is very helpful and incouraging. And, I always use you as an example, when people say you can't build muscle whithout eating meat.