1. Hi Mina (and guys) I have a hard time with many recipes because I am allergic to soy. What alternatives could I use? I know mushrooms could be used in some recipes, maybe chickpeas in others. If you have more ideas I would really appreciated it 🙂

  2. something pretty quick i love:
    boil some pasta (keep the pasta water)
    put a pan on the stove, add some olive oil, smoked tofu and vegetables (we always use bell peppers and carrots, sometimes mushrooms or broccoli)
    when the tofu and vegetables are done, add some red pesto (tastes amazing with smoked tofu)
    to adjust the consistency add some pasta water

  3. I'm not a person to spend money on cookbooks when there are millions of recipes online for free, but I really want to get yours! I love your channel so much that it will be a pleasure to support your work and, on top, have an amazing book with incredible recipes, for sure!