10 best keto vegetables


What are the best keto vegetables? Find out the 10 top keto vegetables for health and weight loss in this video. See why some are better than others and get tips on how to make them in a super delicious way. 🥦 What’s your favorite keto vegetable and how do you like to eat it?

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  2. What is the source of the numbers?
    I am finding a lot of inconsistencies in public reports. May be, I am not a nutrition expert, but I have difficulty in the pattern of reported data, specially when comparing items.
    Compare ‘Dried Coconut’ with ‘Dried Coconut – Unsweetened’.
    The numbers do not make sense.
    Fibers range from zero (0) to 16.3 grams (per 100 grams)
    Mineral content is similar for both, except Selenium which ranges from zero to 18.5 μg.
    How is that possible? Great if someone can explain this.

  3. 10. Brussels sprouts. 5g carbs per 100g
    9. Green Beans. 4g carbs per 100g
    8. Kale 3g carbs per 100g
    7. Asparagus. 2g carbs per 100g
    6. Spinach. 1g carbs per 100g
    5. Zucchini 3g carbs per 100g
    4. Cabbage. 3g carbs per 100g
    3. Broccoli. 4g carbs per 100g
    2. Avocado. 2g carbs per 100g
    1. Cauliflower. 3g carbs per 100g

    Veg they missed:
    Radish. 1g carbs per 100g

  4. While the above ground and below ground rules are a good starting pace for newbies, it isn't a hard rule. There are Veggies that grow above ground, that are high in carbs such as peas, beans, etc. and there are root veggies that are low in carbs such as Radishes and Jicama.

  5. I love all these – but after giving up spuds and sweet spuds, I eat one meal a day and my go too is butternut squash – is this ok once a day and I have about 250 gram of the beauties. I get 90 % of my daily carbs here – Would love advice or feedback. I can only guess it’s 15 net cabs approx ??? Cheers from COVID free New Zealand 🇳🇿

  6. As a quick snack I make Avocado Crackers. Slice up some Avocado, and put it on a slice of cheddar cheese (meaning the cheese is the cracker).. top with a smidge of sea salt. I gave some to my daughter to "try" and she said "OMG! this is food crack!"