0 Carb KETO Cheese Bread


This Keto Cheese Bread Recipe is EASILY one of the best keto bread recipes you can make! It has 0g of carbs, and is made with just 3 main ingredients. Plus, this low carb cheese bread takes practically no time at all to make too!

My Cookbook:


Things I used in today’s video:

11×7 Tray:

Food Scale:

Pizza Cutter:

Garlic Powder:

Onion Powder:

Italian Seasoning:

Parchment Paper:


Macros Per Slice (10 slices):

125 Calories
7.5g Fat
0g Carbs
10g Protein





  1. Wonderful recipe except its quite expensive to make. Cheese ain't exactly cheap in my country, Singapore. That would cost me about $7 USD to make. You might say 7 USD is cheap but I can eat 2 of this recipe in 1 seating. That adds up to S14 USD a meal with no drink and sides… LOL!

  2. Well made recipe, but holy cow that bread is 90% cheese! I'd be cautious about the intake of massive amounts of saturated fats, it can't be healthy on the long run. There's a version of keto-friendly bread that contains less cheese and some almond flour and psyllium, that ought to be a healthier variant.

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  4. I have an issue with this type of thing. I can see that it is low carb, which is great. For me, anyway, this has the same problem of artificial sweeteners. Instead of saying "Carbs are bad for us, I'm not going to eat carbs", this is "Carbs are bad for us, but I can't live without them, so I'm going to figure out non-carb carbs." Constantly chewing on nicorette is better than smoking, but we can all agree that the best would be to stop smoking and stop all the nicotine. The best thing for an alcoholic is to stop all alcohol, not switch to non alcoholic beer. If anything I think this should be an intermediate step towards no carbs, artificial or otherwise.

  5. Took me a while to get around to it…..but I finally made this bread ….. and OMG yummmmm it was so delicious. Will definitely be a go to often in this house. My husband, who is not keto (no matter how hard I try and convince him to β€œcross over”) said it was delicious and ate most of it.


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