💧DIY ELECTROLYTES💧 // Budget Friendly // SUGAR-FREE // Low Carb • Keto • Ketovore Friendly


While there are tons of AMAZING electrolytes on the market, some folks really just can’t afford them. I am starting my recipe for traditional old school #ketorade to help those of you who can’t squeeze some of the electrolyte supplements into your budget.

Many brands cost around $1 per serving, and while they are great products, they can be quite spendy. My homemade electrolyte mix costs me less than eight cents PER SERVING.

I share some items in this video that contain sucralose. I have tested how my blood glucose and ketones respond to sucralose as well as other artifical sweeteners and have found them to be something i tolerate well. Some folks respond differently, so you have to see for yourself if they work for you. Hateful comments about sweeteners will be deleted, so please don’t be a butthead. 😉



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Disclosure: Before starting any new diet or lifestyle change, you should consult a doctor. I am not a doctor or nutritionist. Any information on my social media or YouTube channel is from my own personal experience and research I have done. Although living a ketovore lifestyle has benefited me, you may not have the same results.

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  1. Just found you. I love your I do this, you can do whatever you like attitude and this is not affordable for me, so I do this. I've wanted a recipe idea for electrolytes as I can't justify the expense to purchase them pre-made. I'm following more a ketovore type diet, but always love new ideas.

  2. Wow so happy to see this. I was wondering what to do about electrolytes. I also am financially challenged. Single, live alone the food prices are out of this world. I paid 8.99 for a loaf of carbanaut bread last night. I haven’t had bread in three months so I went for it.
    I have the same water bottle. I hate the food police. I worked with someone who used to tell me I’m poisoning myself with Diet Coke as she sucked on her cigarette.

  3. Yea..this is definitely a good electrolyte video..im just not good with measuring and then I think..wait when I make this again do I put the same amount..so that I get enough each day..anyways…love your videos and thank you so much for this one😉❤️👍

  4. Ok Karen~ that HAIR is the next electrolyte flavor, daaaang!! My goodness, how pretty is that color on you?! WHY am I never so brave?? Now I'm in my 50's, so I'm thinking that ship's done sailed, but who knows~ maybe one day…sigh. *Looks super cool, had to comment.

    *Hey, I'm confused about the magnesium dosage info- *same info is on the back of my BULK Supplements bag of Magnesium Glycinate btw. It says on the bag that 3/4 tsp is 2000mg, but you said it's 330 mg per full tsp, so I'm wondering if I'm not taking enough- OR I'm getting the math wrong, since you said it's about 40mg in 1/8th tsp? Clearly, I'm missing something here, plz clarify if you get a minute🤷‍🌼

    Also have to say that my husband & I both tolerate sucralose quite well, thank goodness, because it's superior to the others imho for specific drinks~ like iced tea, coffee, & definitely some of the water enhancers/flavorings. It has the cleanest taste for us, & takes very little to get the job done, compared to others. I've been lucky enough to find many varieties these past few years at our local discount/overstock/scratch & dent type stores. We have sampled most of the brand name ones this [email protected] $1 each, rather than the $4-$8 each they typically retail for. Pyure, Lakanto, Sweet Drops, & a few others are all fairly good- especially at that price- but our favorites are usually w/sucralose. I also used to drink Diet Coke w/Splenda, until they quit making it a couple years back~ I was SO pissed. Btw, found out that Shasta & RC Cola Diet have always used sucralose in their SF colas, which is what I bought for awhile, until I kicked it altogether🤣~sound like a junkie, right?! I was. It's true.