🍞🤯PROOFING Egg White Bread with Yeast?! Trying @Keto Upgrade's Recipe! #eggwhitebread #keto


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  1. Yay!! Thank you for trying my bread, so happy you liked it! This video also prompted me to make a few notes in my old blog. I actually put up a newer video making the buns and explained everything I've learned about the bread "dough" in that video and in that blog. I'll make note of the things here for anyone interested- I found that you have to whip this batter a very specific amount to get it the perfect consistency, could take as long as 10-15 minutes on high speed, it should look like thick shaving cream even after adding the heavy cream powder. I found the perfect proofing temp was between 100-105 degrees and you can do it in a dehydrator, after proofing the top should be dry and hard to slice though. To answer your oven question- at the bakery I use a convection, 275 for 38 minutes at home a conventional gas oven 325 for 35 minutes, if it's electric it may take a little longer I've found. Hope that helps! Happy experimenting, and thanks again for the awesome video, so glad you finally got to try it!!!

  2. Thanks so much for trying this! I had a thought when you were talking about the bread being too sweet for you. If coffee was used instead of the water, do you think cocoa powder could be substituted for the butter powder? If this worked, I think the bread would be amazing toasted with some keto Nutella spread on it.

  3. Thank you so much I have a butter flour I think you said that wasn’t good I am don’t feel like to order heavy cream But all sound great I’ll w her her resepie Amazing Q how many LMNT do you take a day and do you mix in 32 oz water! Thank you for the video !

  4. I'm also a baker, and tried this bread a couple of times, but it tasted terrible (super eggy – not surprising since it's mostly egg product) and though they looked great right out of the oven, they quickly deflated to about 1/4 of their size. Seriously weird. I'm done with these bread recipes and throwing away ingredients money. I now buy bread from Amazon.

  5. Totally agree with your opening comments! The Youtube community of all you talented people creating and sharing such wonderful EWPP bread recipes has made a huge difference in my low carb/keto eating experience! After 2 1/2 years, having bread&buns again has been such a treat!

  6. I made your frozen butter bread with the yeast today – and WOW! SO GOOD! I baked mine about 5 minutes too long and even though it is too dark on the top it was really good. Your butter bread was a total game changer for me – but the yeast makes it BREAD! THANK YOU! (And thank Alicia, and Serious Keto – who I have to thank for finding you!). You are so right about all the recipe creators out there. You all are making life on KETO delicious! Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  7. I was recently watching, maybe an older video of the ketogenic woman where she used bread recipe, but added fresh cranberry sauce mixture that she had made earlier with a sugar substitute, and she add it into the loaf of bread, and it looks beautiful, but the texture look too soft to me. Would you consider doing some different breads with mixtures and like that for holiday savory one a sweet one she commented about making the cranberry bread so she can make a turkey sandwich…

  8. Ha…. I tried Alycia's bread and I was floored. I loved it so much and I have been adding nili's ingredients to customize the bread here and there ! I love them both. NOW I am patiently waiting for a kinda carnivore bread recipe from you guys ( it could be possible 🤔 who knows ! 😂😂😂)

  9. Nili I hope this isn’t too personal but I noticed on this video ( making yeast, letting it proof)
    Your nails has ridges like mine. I’ve talked to my dr and had some labs Folate and B12 but they didn’t do a Ferritin. I was wondering if your nails are starting to get smoother since getting your iron I’m trying to figure this out. Any info you may be willing to share with me will be appreciated. I’m a retired 74 yr old RN.
    Judy Porche

  10. Proofing can also be done in the microwave! I heat 2 cups water till boiling and place it as far to one side and it works great
    I’ve been making Alicia’s bread for quite a while- she is a genius and so generous to share her recipes considering she has her own bakery.