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Well hello there!! Today I am sharing lots of Homemaking Motivation, pantry organization & speed cleaning motivation… oh, and did I mention 6 HEALTHY recipes?! YUMMM! I’m going to get you feeling motivated to tackle your homemaking tasks today & do it with a smile! I hope this speed cleaning & homemaking video gives you lots of motivation & recipe / pantry organizing ideas, as well as a friend to hang out with! Have an incredible day – you deserve it!!
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  1. This week we have SO much going on (family stuff, filming house projects to share with y’all AND kitchen renovations) and today is feeling like a Monday for sure 😜 So I’m doing my domino chore today to get myself going & shifting myself on the right track… and I hope this video can do the same for you today!! Sooo…. How’s your day going?? 🌟

  2. I’am coming over to eat 😂😂😂I love ❤and appreciate you truly .. you make my Day when I feel down 😢and going through Hashimoto myself I love ❤❤the receipes truly .. I do would like to know about your bread ( I can’t stand regular Gluten Free bread) any suggestions?? ..😊btw did you ever thought about publishing a Gluten Free Cook-Book ?? is not many out there that are actually good ( hint hint 😊) !!

  3. 🤪 adding this emoji as your OG subscriber. Hi Amanda. Yesterday was my birthday, and that's how I spent my Monday. I gave myself the day off from cleaning hence why I missed watching your video until right now. Sorry I missed the challenge. Enjoying your video as we speak while I get dinner going. I look forward to seeing the recipes and all the content in the videos. P.S. I remember the lime green bathroom and the incredible makeover. The recipes you shared look so yummy as always. Each one made me hungry 😊

  4. Finally, the Razor mystery put to bed!! I am sad this happened to all of you, especially on Christmas! I took this week off from work to do my Spring Cleaning and painting 2 small hallways. I love decanting my food and cleaning products and my goal is when we add a pantry to our kitchen, is that most foods will be decanted and that all the small appliances will also go in that pantry with exception of the toaster, drip coffee maker, electric kettle , stand mixer and microwave- the shelf depth will only be 15” deep so nothing gets lost, the top shelves will be 20” deep (for overflow items) and the undersides of the 20” shelves will have under cabinet lights on them for better light for the rest of the shelves, the shelves will be L shaped, so 2 walls and the third wall will be custom built can dispensers (my husband will build them two can deep) to hold a dozen cans of veggies of each flavor, canned beans and fruit and tomato sauce; I need the shelves to hold my grains, flours, sugars, baking food items, etc and appliances, etc and cans take up too much space! Silicone muffin pans and loaf pans are awesome! Love your recipes too!

  5. I started watching this last night after I got home from work and had to jump up and start sorting through some things! 🤣. Also, I have to 100% agree with what you were saying about needing to go through things on a regular basis- I have been trying to declutter my whole house (I’ve been known to be a bit of a shopaholic)and in the process I have come across duplicates of multiple items (& it all hasn’t been food)! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. It was fun to see Felix’s blooper reel!

  6. Hey Slim! You’re looking even Slimmer! I love your fresh flowers. They do add that extra special touch.😊 Oh no, so sorry about the Razor!😮 I don’t suppose there’s a zoom feature on your camera to get their plate number. I’d love to see them caught. I love the list on the menu board! I’m all about the lists girlfriend. Use Velcro on the marker. Awww… sweet Felix. Be nosy girl, be nosy! That’s how you get ideas and then conform it to work for you. I love how you’re always working on a project! Me too. This week it’s a sideboard. I’m just waiting for the soft close drawers to come in so I can finish it. But I’m converting an old dresser I got from the thrift store for $30, to a custom sideboard. Does your bread mold when you store it in the cabinet like that? I guess it would be like storing it in a pantry.? Oh girl, I love the real life moments with the mess on the floor of your pantry! I saw on another channel this lady put rollers on the bottom baskets in her pantry. She said it was a game changer for easier access. Oooo…buffalo chicken bowl! Yummy!❤ oh honey, I’m excited for you (the new kitchen)! I’m going to end up in a diabetic coma just watching you cook. Oh, that looks delicious! I think I’m going to have to fast forward through this part. So sorry, I can’t have any of that (only just the chicken). Oh noooo! You had to pull out the blueberries. Ok, I’m looking forward to the day when I can at least try one of those delicious looking dishes that you’ve prepared. This is my first Easter as a diabetic. I’m having a really hard time. Can you tell? Ha! Ha!😅

  7. Hi Amanda! I was wondering your thoughts on the Caraway pans. I see you using them and I'm considering, but see mixed reviews about them. Those recipes sound so good. I'm putting the buffalo bowl on my menu next week. Also, you are so right…homemaking is so important! Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. What a video today. I did get up when you said to do so and cleaned my kitchen. What a way to start the day. Loved Loved the recipes today. Can't wait to do the Jennifer Anniston salad and stuff bell peppers. They both looked so yummy. Super excited for you and the kitchen make over. So happy you have gotten the cabinets set up now but just wanted to share a note for you keep an eye on your bread in the cabinet if your cabinets get warm inside your bread could go bad and moldy . Best to put in a cool place to prevent this from happening. Amanda you are truly a wonderful homemaker and you love it because it shows. So happy to see you feeling better these days. As always God bless you and your family. Till next time.

  9. A BIG thank you. My ex husband told me I had to work from the beginning. I cried when I had to work on both my daughters first birthdays. It’s just housework get it done-was always the way others perceived homemaking- in my opinion in a derogatory manner.
    Well I started making my bed at 3 by 6 I did all the cooking and washing and by 12 I was my family’s housekeeper. When I got married again I felt I had the menial tasks- get it done in a rush. I always however admired the beautiful homes created by friends and felt they were so much better than me they really had it together. Hanging with you is a such a joy as I see your beautiful laid back ways yet magical home and gorgeous together family. You say real life moments but to me it makes you real. I love that you show ways of pulling things together better. The totally awesome part is the appreciation you show for everything. I just loved seeing you stop in that beautiful bathroom and say how you loved it. I’m with you.
    At 62 I’m tired of working I’m tired of my trashed home and everything is just on top of me. You are just so motivating and I am starting bit by bit to get things better at home. Feel the pride again for all I’ve achieved. Feel I’m worthy of having my home beautiful. So from the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU.
    I can’t wait to see all new hinges paint counter tops I’m excited for you all. Your no 1 fan 🇦🇺

  10. Being here in a suburb of Detroit there are multiple car thefts everyday. Also theft of package deliveries stolen from porches. They came up with the name: Porch Pirates. also, people steal flowers in pots, yard decor, toys. It’s all so shameful that people think they can just help themselves to things that don’t belong to them. i hope you get your razor back or insurance replaces it. what a thing for your boys to witness!