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Spring is right around the corner and it’s the season of Lent. With the change of each season is the perfect time to fast, cleanse, detox, or simply reset and recalibrate. I believe if we are eating a whole foods plant-based diet every day, then the body is doing its job and detoxing efficiently as it is. That being said, I find it refreshing to take a day to eat completely raw in order to feel a little less dense and to freshen up. I hope you find some inspiration from these meals…you can find the recipes in our recipe app and meal planner, along with detailed nutrition information, grocery shopping lists, and more!

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  1. These videos are so grounding for me..I have a demanding job and find myself mentally and physically exhausted most of the week and while I try to prep my food (I work 10 days) some days are harder to prep vegan. Your videos restore a light and give me a sense of empowerment and inspiration to keep going even when I’m the only person I’m my household that chooses to eat this way…thank you from the bottom of my ❤

  2. I'm a vegan but still eat fish for the nutrition I need. Because it is not 'conscious' in any sense, and has no mental process or feelings. Also poultry eggs for the same reason. In fact it's a waste product, so the same as using manure for fertiliser.

  3. I appreciate the advice of going with your intuition when it comes to eating. Sometimes you feel like going fully raw, sometimes you feel like raw til 4, and sometimes you eat all cooked food. Find what feels good! Wish I could join you all in Costa Rica one of these days but as I teacher I can only take vacations in April or the summer. Hope you all have an amazing time! Can’t wait to watch the post vacation videos 😊