Thiruvathirai Kootu or Special Masala Boiled Salad recipe is here for you to enjoy the Tamil traditional food. Any salad is completely healthy to us, Making is tasty is the difficult job here is a video on making the tastier and healthier food.
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Conceived, Produced & Directed by Mohan Sharma.

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‘Rare recipes’ is a channel dedicated to authentic, vegetarian Indian recipes that have long been forgotten by the people. Watch Mohan Sharma preparing hundreds of recipes in Mohan Sharma’s Celebrity Kitchen. Available in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.

Mohan Sharma is an Indian actor and film producer, acts in south Indian languages and has produced more than 15 films in the South Indian languages of Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. He became noted through his role in Chattakari, a 1974 Malayalam movie alongside actress Lakshmi.


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