Мініатюрна каструлька з вегетаріанським супом🌿Miniature saucepan with vegetarian soup🌿



Використовую полімерну глину Церніт, яка запікається в духовці, щоб зробити каструлю та інгредієнти.
Запікаю каструлю на дерев’яній паличці.
Рідина супу зроблена з рідкого гелю Фімо та сухої пастелі.
I use Cernit polymer clay, which is baked in the oven, to make the saucepan and ingredients.
I bake a saucepan on a wooden stick.
Soup liquid is made from Fimo liquid gel and dry pastel.

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  1. I love your work. I read your insta post, that your not finding much joy working because of your worries, I get that, but don't stop, I'm sure having your time occupied is doing your soul so good. I hope your husband and you dog are doing good and are safe. My best wishes to you.

  2. Love watching all of your works of art in progress, so soothing. I let the ads run as well, I hope you're getting some funds coming in from adsense. Thanks for giving me the will to get back to work on my own etsy shop. I was feeling really down and didn't feel I should be doing anything to enjoy myself while your country and people are going through hell. I hope the world listens to your wonderful president and gets their act together and stops the madman and his henchmen.